Install Kodi on Amazon FireTV – Updated for 2016 – Part 4 – FireStarter

This post is a continuation of the Install Kodi on Amazon FireTV series;

Part 1 Intro
Part 2 contains the work required on the FireTV box/stick itself using the remote
Part 3 contains the ADBfire work done on your computer
Part 4 – Your here – contains the FireStarter Configuration again on the FireTV Box

Part 4

Now, we return to the remote control, and we first want to launch FireStarter by going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications


Find FireStarter


Choose “Launch Application”


We first need to goto FireStarter settings on the left


First, i like to hide the left hand menu, you do this by selecting the rather obvious ‘Hide left bar in App Drawer’


To make it a little more user friendly we shall also hide the FireTV settings on the front page (they can still be accessed by going to FireTV Home, and settings at the bottom left). Scroll down to ‘Hidden Apps’ and select ‘FireTV Settings’, followed by OK


So, we want to check FireStarter will set itself as the first thing you see when you turn on your FireTV, to do so scroll down to ‘Startup Application’


Ensure that ‘FireStarter’ is selected


Next, another reason I LOVE FireStarter, is the option to program the ‘Home’ button on your remote, we first need to scroll down to, and enable ‘Home-Detection via ADB’. This will preset you with some information as to the use of this function, feel free to read it if you want


Now that FireStarter has conrtrol of the Home button, lets assign it to actually start FireStarter. Scroll down to ‘Home Button Single Click Application’


Now choose ‘FireStarter’ – Awesome!!


We also have the option of setting a ‘Double Click option, scroll down to ‘Home Button Double Click Application’


And I personally prefer to use FireTV home (for those with a Amazon Prime subscription you’ll want easy access to the home page), feel free to choose whatever Application you use most here


Now we press ‘back up’ on the remote control twice, and we should be presented with the awesome user friendly FireStarter launcher


Now, if you open one of the applications, and click the ‘Home’ button on the remote, you should return to the FireStarter launcher, similarly, if you reboot your FireTV, the launcher should be presented first.

You can also now, launch Kodi!




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