Install Kodi on Amazon FireTV – Updated for 2016 – Part 1 – Intro

Since my last post, there have been a number of developments around the Amazon FireTV box/sticks, so as I’ve recently purchased a new 4k FireTV for the living room i thought i’d knock up an updated guide on how to install Kodi on a new Amazon FireTV.

Due to the length of this article i’ve broken it down into 4 sections;

Part 1 – Your here – Intro
Part 2 contains the work required on the FireTV box/stick itself using the remote
Part 3 contains the ADBfire work done on your computer
Part 4 contains the FireStarter Configuration again on the FireTV Box

I won’t bore you with the initial setup, this guide starts at the amazon home screen, if your FireTV is at this stage then we are good to go, if not, then follow the onscreen instructions and you should end up at this point fairly quickly.


Before we begin, I’d highly recommend you download some of the App’s that are available from amazon in the Apps section on the FireTV via the ‘Apps’ section, some of my favourites are Netflix, iPlayer, and ITV Hub. I’ll later show these apps on the Firestarter Home Page.

To begin, we first need to download some files;
– The latest version of adbfire (current 2.02b), available from
– The latest version ARM APK build of Kodi for Android (currently 16.0), available from
– The latest version of FireStarter (currently v3.2.2), available from

Click here to continue to Part 2

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