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Cisco CLI shortcuts - #LineVTY.com

Cisco CLI shortcuts

So, another addition to a base config, you can save yourself some precious time with these nifty alias shortcuts…

My favorites, are;

SRI – pipes the ‘include’ statement to a show run, probably my favorite
R1(config)#alias exec sri show run | include

SHIP – really lazy command, but every second counts when troubleshooting problem
R1(config)#alias exec ship show ip route

SHBV – this skips past all the physical interface’s, very handy if your wanting to just look at multiple vlan configs while working on a stack of switches or on a 4/6k with multiple line cards
R1(config)#alias exec srbv show run | begin interface V

SAVEME – have a tftp server running? want to take a store backup of the config off the device before you make a change?
R1(config)#alias exec saveme copy run tftp://

Example of it in use:
R1#sri snmp-server
snmp-server community read-write RW 1
snmp-server ifindex persist
snmp-server location Some Location
snmp-server contact Some Person

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